1. Pursue higher studies in India / abroad in the emerging area of interest with continued academic precocity and penchant for research of social/Industrial significance.
2. Imbibe adequate knowledge, skill and nurture with competency to handle the dynamic challenges of the ever growing pharmaceutical industry as a competent pharmaceutical technocrat with a commitment for quality.
3. Nurture need based competency to transform in to a Pharmacy professional with desired skill to serve healthcare sector like Hospital Pharmacy/Clinical Pharmacy/Pharmacovigilance/ Community Pharmacy, and all allied areas of the dynamic health care sector with a commitment for professional ethics commensurating the Profession of Pharmacy, for effective Pharmaceutical Care.
4. Serve as regulatory personnel in Drug control administration/Scientific officer in the statutory organizations/ Government analyst /all allied healthcare services under the government/private organizations, to deliver unmatchable services of its kind.
5. Opt for teaching in the Pharmacy Institutions of Higher Education, with an inborn commitment to quality education with emphasis on ethical values in any chosen area of Pharmaceutical services.


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