Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics

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Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics

M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics, or Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics, is a postgraduate academic degree that focuses on the formulation, development, production, and evaluation of pharmaceutical drugs. This program typically involves advanced coursework, research, and practical training in the science and technology of designing and manufacturing dosage forms and drug delivery systems.

Graduates with an M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics can pursue various career paths, including:

Pharmaceutical Industry: Roles in research and development, formulation development, quality control, and production.

Academia: Teaching and conducting research in universities and colleges.

Regulatory Affairs: Working with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with drug regulations and guidelines.

Clinical Research: Involvement in clinical trials and research studies to test new drugs

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales: Roles in the business and commercial aspects of pharmaceuticals.


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